Soonish and Nanotech Part 1: Cheap Travel to Space

This is a 10-part series on emerging technologies from the book “Soonish”, and how nanotechnology can be applied to improve the problem.   Cheap Travel to Space   Space travel itself isn’t an issue. We’ve been able to do that for more than 50 years. Affordable space travel, however, is a whole different story. Currently, […]

How Corporations Work: Part 5

This article will be talking about the brief difference between a private and public corporation. Typically, our concept of corporations usually involve public corporations, as these are the most popular, but there’s a whole world of corporations out there.   To start off, a private corporation is a corporation whose shares are typically owned by […]

How Corporations Work – Part 2

To understand an corporations, we have to understand how they are organized. Within an organization, there are usually three entities:   Shareholders   Shareholders are individuals who actually own stock in the company. If I own a single stock of Alphabet, then that makes me a shareholder of Alphabet. Corporations can have as many or […]

How Corporations Work: Part 3

The first corporation to have our modern corporate structure, including the issuing of corporate stock, was the Dutch East India Company, not to be confused with the “East India Company”, the British company responsible for the Opium wars in China. The Dutch East India company was a merchant company, focused on the buying and selling […]