February 2020: Sleep Epilogue

Results: Minimal, but present.

I tried a lot of things, including:

-buying a fan to lower the temperature of the room

-buying a blue light therapy lamp that would automatically turn on during the mornings

-charging my phone outside of the bedroom

-downloading f.lux


-california poppy extract

-huperzine a

-a humidifier

-not lying in bed besides sleeping (tried, but didn’t stick)

-the illumy sleep mask

Some of these things worked, some didn’t. A lot of them, as I expected, were effective as first, but diminished in usefulness as my lazy body became accustomed. Here’s what stuck though:


-melatonin (i consistently felt sleepy an hour after taking a tablet)

-charging my phone outside the bedroom, so i was less able to procrastinate sleep

-blue light therapy lamp (kinda). As long as i stared at it in the mornings, I would feel more awake. However, I adjusted to this by facing away from the lamp in the mornings. Perhaps experimentation in reflecting blue lights on my bed at all angles in the morning is needed.



Here’s what definitely didn’t work:

-the illumy sleep mask. No fault to the sleep mask itself, but I didn’t feel comfortable using a mask to sleep, so it would take longer to get to sleep.

Everything else was inconclusive, but at least having a fan has improved my general quality of life.

The more meta-habit though, is developing sleep discipline. Me and my body are notoriously lazy upon wake time, and my goal is to minimize the amount of effort it takes to wake up. If I had the discipline and habit of sleeping every day at 11pm, I would have much less trouble waking up well-rested at 7:30. Sadly, that did not result in this experiment.

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