December 2019: Epilogue

And another month comes to a close. Advent of Coding started out really easy, but as time went on, the complexity of the problems and knowledge required expanded greatly. I was able to complete most of the problems by myself, but I couldn’t handle 3 of the problems, and had to use code online to get the right answer.

That being said, I learned a lot about the features of Python. I sharpened my understanding about python classes, learned how to use threads,  architect extensible code, implement a ASCII-enabled python processor, and implement graph algorithms.

A more meta habit though, was the ability to shotgun code. AoC required daily programming puzzles, which meant that I had to come up with a working solution fast. The ability to write functioning scripts in a short amount of the time has probably been the most useful skill I gained this month, past the different features of python.

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