October 2019 Epilogue: Design

If I were to sum up what I learned about design, it’s that design is actually more science in the science/art spectrum than I expected. I think the fatal mistake that engineers tend to make is that believe that design is solely about ‘making things look pretty’.

Design is complex, and I may not be talented at it, but I think October has given me a basic proficiency.  My exact curriculum for October was buying the $149 package from Refactoring UI and applying the principles to a react project I did, which was a washer/dryer timer user interface.

To be honest, I felt like there was a lot of stuff I learned, but didn’t apply as much as I’d like to, but hey, at least I have access to a bunch of color palettes and icons, and I’m sure my design skills will improve now that I have a better eye for it.

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