Simple Rules

The rules for losing weight are pretty simple.

  1. Eat less
  2. Exercise more

The rules for making money are pretty simple.

  1. Offer a good or service.
  2. Sell it.

The rules for dating are pretty simple.

  1. Be a high value person.
  2. Ask people you’re attracted to out on dates.

These rules tend to be pretty simple, but not easy. Despite how easy these rules are, you’ll find million dollar industries dedicated to weight loss, money making, and dating. Sometimes, the goods and services offered in these services are valid, but oftentimes they’re snake oil. Ultimately, I believe failure to reach these goals mainly happen due to a few key mistakes.

The first mistake is over-complicating the issue. The most intricate workout program that you quit after a week out of confusion won’t help you lose weight, but a few laps every day on the track will. Fancy degrees may help your financial prospects down the road, but they don’t replace your fundamental skills and ability to sell these skills. Memorizing dozens of pick-up lines won’t replace asking someone for their number. Any action to progress towards your goal should stem from these simple rules.

The second mistake is not focusing on the other step. It’s hard to outrun a bad diet. Poor interview skills are as bad as being incompetent, since neither gets you the job. Attractive people who don’t go out on dates tend to remain single. Sometimes, neglecting the other step is because of ignorance, but more often than not, it’s because of psychological barriers. Sticking to a diet requires a different type of discipline than working out regularly. Attempting to sell yourself, a good, or a service, means the possibility of rejection, which is scary. Asking people out also means potential rejection, also scary. These psychological fears hold you back, and it’s important to face them if meaningful improvement is desired.



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