August Monthly Goal Epilogue: Customer Discovery

Customer discovery is hard. If there’s any single rule I learned this month, that would be it. But let’s get into the details.


  1. If I actually have someone’s ear, the chances of success goes up way more. This is seems obvious to say, but the subtle detail here is that it’s really hard to get the ear of someone. So many people don’t bother replying to cold messages from facebook, instagram, e-mail, etc. Cold messages definitely work, but the scale at which you have you to send them are much higher than warm intros.
  2. Know the behavior of your target audience. For the latter half of the month, it turns out that I was sending e-mail to a specific demographic that was notorious for not being very responsive for messages. Because of that, the pace of the latter half of the month was much slower.
  3. A “hell yes” is a yes, and a “yes” is a no. People will say that they like something, until they actually have to download or take out their wallet. Expect lukewarm rejections that aren’t explicit.
  4. There was a moment in the month where I was reaching out to people with a very systematic approach (X people from instagram found from Y page). It was easy to do, but the output was a lot less. There’s a value in systems, but sometimes, putting forth creative work is the real necessity.

At the end, I found less than a dozen people, around 9-10 in total, who gave an explicit yes to try out the project. From there, I partly expect even less people to follow through. The nature of onboarding people is really hard, and sometimes, the only real solution I feel is to stack the effort up over time.

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