April 2019 Monthly Goal: Start and Finish “The Power Broker”, Epilogue

  For my April goal, my task was to finish the book “The Power Broker”, by Robert Caro, a 1100+ page book about the life of Robert Moses, one of the most notable power brokers in history. Robert Moses, at the peak of his life, had a near infinite amount of money at his disposal […]

April 2019 Monthly Goal: Start and Finish “The Power Broker”, Prologue

Robert Moses is the prime example of someone who had achieved total power in politics, and “The Power Broker” is a well-researched American classic about his rise and fall. It is also an intimidating book with 1100+ pages. My current goal for April is to finish the whole book, reading 2 chapters per day in […]

Alexander Fleming and Luck

In the year 1928, Alexander Fleming woke up to a strange discovery. Fleming was a scientist, and most of his work involved culturing bacteria to investigate their properties. However, on this fateful morning, one of his bacterial cultures found a mold species growing alongside with them. Moreover, this mold was killing the bacteria inside the […]