On Religious Thoughts

Most religions have a God or gods and a general mythos about them. I was raised as a practicing Christian during late childhood, but I have since stopped believing in Christianity. That being said, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a personal supernatural or metaphysical belief about the world and the universe. Here goes.

We all exist as conscious entities living in the universe. Everyone who exists or has existed before has had a consciousness. My belief is that everything, cats, mice, and more controversially, atoms, has some form of “consciousness force” pervading throughout. This consciousness force though, tends to exist at a low amount in individual atoms.

Human beings are special cases of consciousness. We are concentrated points of consciousness, and because of that, it allows us to be more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. This is great, and kind of amazing if you think about it. Animals are also concentrated points of consciousness, and very high concentrated points of consciousness along the universe at that, just less concentrated than humans. With this form of consciousness, we’ve been able to impose our will upon the universe, and master it in many ways.

So, what about the conscious force outside of animals and humans? This form of consciousness is the background consciousness of the universe. The specks of consciousness that inhabit all the little atoms are there, and the consciousness, like water, combines unto itself. These specks of little-atom consciousness come together to become the ultimate coalesced consciousness. I call this entity the “all-mother”. Not really sure why, it just has a nice ring to it.

It’s important to note that while the all-mother is the closest entity my religious beliefs has to a god, the all-mother doesn’t really have motivations, unlike classical Judeo-Christian God/Gods. It just exists, and harbors the sentience of the Universe. The all-mother doesn’t really have a purpose, it just is. Kind of like the forces of gravity or whatever.

So what happens when we die? Our concentrated forms of consciousness scatter, and re-assimilate with the all-mother. From the all-mother of atoms we come, and to the all-mother we go. The silos of our consciousness are dissolved into the vastness of the all-mother. In a way, we become reconnected with the universe. As for our egos, the same way a flake of salt dissolves completely into a glass of water, we no longer retain our own egos within the all-mother, so there’s not exactly an afterlife. On the other hand, we become all-connected or whatever.

So there you have it. My personal meta-physical and/or religious beliefs on spirits and the universe. As a disclaimer, I kind of thought this up in one day while tripping on LSD, so I wouldn’t hold it to the same theological standards as the standard religions.

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